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Saturday, 27 April 2013 20:35

New Unforgivable Sinner Availableunforgivable sinner 2013a

(Notice by Tef Johs, April 27, 2013)

The new version of Lene's debut song from 1998 is now available in an acoustic recording.

The brand new version of "Unforgivable Sinner" features Lene's voice above a set of acoustic guitars and a great return to this well-known song. It may be both listened to and downloaded from EMI Norway's soundcloud page as an mp3-file.

On the official Lene website lenemarlin.com the following message came up a couple of days ago:

Lene Announces Unforgivable Sinner Re-recording Print E-mail
Wednesday, 03 April 2013 19:41

Lene Soon To Re-record Unforgivable Sinner19nyhlene marlin i 4695109b

(Notice by Tef Johs, April 3, 2013)

In the vote for song re-recording, "Unforgivable Sinner" won, Lene revealed today.

The debut song from 1998 won the voting contest that Lene announced on March 22nd. With 30 % of the final votes, "Unforgivable Sinner" knocked out "Sitting Down Here" (22 %) and "Here We Are" (20 %). The other runner's up were "You Weren't There" and "Where I'm Headed". The winning song will now be re-recorded sometime in 2013 and released for free.

Here is the facebook message from April 3rd with Lene announcing the winning track:

Unforgivable Sinner it is! I'm not that surprised :) I've wanted to do this for a long time. But instead of just choosing a song on my own I wanted you to be involved as well. And it's been so much fun! Thank you so much for voting!!! More info about the song soon.

Love Lene

Lene To Give Away Re-recorded Song For Free Print E-mail
Saturday, 23 March 2013 20:34

Lene Needs Help To Pick Her Songlene norum monsen dagbladet 5a

(Notice by Tef Johs, March 23, 2013)

Lene wants to re-record one of her older songs, and need your help to choose which one.

The story goes like this: Lene would like to give something back to the fans who have supported her all these years. So the main question is: Which of Lene's songs would you like to hear in a brand new version?

The track with the most votes will be re-recorded by Lene, and will be available to all who have voted with a valid e-mail address as a free download. The winner will even get a framed, signed photo of Lene (50 cm x 50 cm).

Lene In Studio With A Norwegian Inspiration Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 March 2013 16:18

We are pleased to note that Lene seems to be spending her days where she belongs: In a recording studio!

Lene Marlin In Studiolene itromso i studio isabel watson 040313a

(Published by iTromsø, March 4, 2013)

Lene Marlin (32) is spending her days in studio in Oslo. Following the TV2 success "Hver gang vi møtes" the Tromsø artist has been grinding away.

Now she wishes to create songs in Norwegian.

- I'm very inspired these days. After the recordings at Kjærnes Gård I have been sitting down attempting to creatively making some songs in Norwegian. I'm singing in a Tromsø dialect, Lene Marlin tells iTromsø.

Kjærnes Gård: The Final Day Between Seven Friends Print E-mail
Sunday, 24 February 2013 16:06

Kjærnes Gård Finale: Lene's Duet Songs   lene hgvm episode8 13a
(Notice by Tef Johs, February 24, 2013)   

On the last day at Kjærnes Gård Lene performed duets with both Marion Ravn and Kurt Nilsen.  

Here we bring the reviews of Lene's performance on February 23rd by VG and Dagbladet. This was - sadly - the season finale of "Hver gang vi møtes" - and we must conclude that seven weeks of Lene partying has come to an end. We greatly thank all the seven artist participants, and Lene in particular, for making the HGVM Season 2 such an amazing experience.


Kjærnes Gård: Lene's Jeg Reiser Alene Performance Print E-mail
Sunday, 17 February 2013 17:38

Kjærnes Gård: Lene's Ole Song In Review lene hgvm episode7 23a 
(Notice by Tef Johs, February 17, 2013)  

On Ole Paus' Day at Kjærnes Gård Lene performed "Jeg Reiser Alene" (1994) in Norwegian with quite the sparse accompaniment.

Here we bring the reviews of Lene's performance on February 16th by the three regular newspapers. This was Episode 7 of "Hver gang vi møtes" - and the last one with a single person in the main role.

Lene On The Kjærnes Gård Broadcast Experience Print E-mail
Thursday, 14 February 2013 22:20

Lene Speaks About The Entire Broadcast Experiencelene marion hgvm dagbladet jan2013a

(Notice by Tef Johs, February 14, 2013)

The incredible Kjærnes Gård HGVM broadcast experience is the topic of Lene's facebook message today.

Following Ole Paus' day this upcoming Saturday, where Lene will be singing the song "Jeg Reiser Alene" (2006/1994), there is only one episode left to broadcast from the recordings that took place at Kjærnes Gård last August. Today, Lene posted a longer "thank you" message on her facebook page. She also writes that following the Season 2 album signing at Oslo City last Saturday (Feb 9th), four of them went out for a dinner.

Indeed, the whole Kjærnes Gård "Hver gang vi møtes" Season 2 experience has truly been one long incredible party from start to finish. This is one Lene-party with great colleagues that we will never forget.

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