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Saturday, 07 February 2009 20:37

The local paper Bladet-Tromsø spoke yesterday about Lene's new song, also publishing Stein Østbø's VG review of "You Will Cry No More". Furthermore, they are very occupied with the reactions of our friends over at

New song from LeneLene in a photo from 2005 (Bladet-Tromsø)

(Published by Bladet-Tromsø, February 6, 2009)


Lene Marlin put out yesterday a smaller taste from her forthcoming album on the internet.

It was without a prewarning that the Tromsø artist yesterday evening put out a new song on her MySpace page on the internet, straight from the studio.

- To give you an idea of what I'm doing, I thought I should share a new song with you, the artist herself writes on the net.

Newspaper VG: New Song Of Lene Is Impressive Print E-mail
Friday, 06 February 2009 19:09

Shortly after Lene's release of "You Will Cry No More" yesterday evening, senior music editor Stein Østbø of Norwegian newspaper VG picked the song up, and has published a great review (5/6) in today's paper edition.

Lene Marlin - You Will Cry No More (EMI)Lene in Sokndal, Aug 16, 2008 (VG).

(Published by VG, February 6, 2009)


A train rhythm, a big choir, and a Marit Larsen toy piano - welcome back on track, Lene!

Late last night, Lene Marlin released her first taste of this year's album through her MySpace page. The co-operation with Magnet is audible - this is arrangement-wise equally his song as it is Marlin's.

Lene Releases You Will Cry No More Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 February 2009 22:43

Lene recording in studio, Feb 2009 (L. M.)Lene releases brand new song on MySpace

(Notice by Tef Johs, February 5, 2009)


Lene has begun walking the path to releasing her 4th studio album by offering a brand new song and a new photo fresh from the studio.

In another unexpected move from Lene, she released the brand new song "You Will Cry No More" on her personal
MySpace page earlier this evening. Seemingly, this was first reported by the admin at the forums, at exactly 6:04 PM. You can listen to the song on the MySpace music player, where the new Lene song is the only option.

The first picture of Lene working in the studio for her upcoming album, shown here in reduced format, was also available. The wait for the new Lene album has been shortened now. And together with the
previous message from Hans Petter Haaland at EMI Norway, we have begun the countdown for real, having been reassured that the new album indeed is on its way.

The Recent Past 14: First Comments On Døgnvill Print E-mail
Sunday, 01 February 2009 01:29

In what could be the last of the articles in our Recent Past series for a while, this is the final Nordlys article about Lene doing the 2007 Døgnvill concert. This article was published immediately following the breaking of the news, and contains Lene's first comments on the matter.



Looking forward to be playing in Tromsø againPicture from Nordlys, Aug 18, 2007.

(Published by Nordlys, June 1, 2007)


Lene Marlin has not been playing live in Norway since the concert in Tromsø Hall in 2004. And is very much looking forward to be playing at Alfheim in August.

As Nordlys wrote yesterday, Lene Marlin will be one of the greater attractions of the Døgnvill Festival, August 24 and August 25.

- It will be great getting to play for the home audience again, Lene Marlin says to Nordlys.

Lene In Closing Stages On New Album Print E-mail
Monday, 19 January 2009 18:57

Photo from a series by Scanpix (2005).Lene in the closing stages of recording her new album

(Notice by Tef Johs, January 19, 2009)


Lene Marlin and her co-workers at the studios in Bergen and Oslo are about to wrap up the work on her new album.

According to A&R Manager Hans Petter Haaland at EMI Music Norway, Lene and her co-workers are in the final spurt of completing the recording for her brand new studio album, stating that "Lene has done a set of wonderful songs".

Lene Discusses Unforgivable Sinner For VG All Time Hit Print E-mail
Sunday, 11 January 2009 17:29

The VG chart all time hit will be decided on January 24, and in regards to this matter VG have received words from Lene on the subject, published just today in the Sunday edition of the newspaper. 

The debut single changed everythingLene in her great year - 1999.

(Published by VG, January 11, 2009)


- Really fine, says Lene Marlin (28) about her very first single having been nominated as the VG-list song of all times.

Marlin gives to VG the impression that just "Unforgivable Sinner" - which first showed up on radio in the fall of 1998 - has an extra room in her heart.

- It has meant a whole lot. It was indeed the first song that got released from "Playing My Game" in Norway. When it got put out for retail sale, it got to be some commotion. I don't remember how much the single sold, but it was anyhow enough to make me incredibly surprised, Marlin writes in an e-mail.

The Recent Past 13: Wants To Be A Songwriter Print E-mail
Saturday, 10 January 2009 00:29

In the name of completeness, this is the June 7 VG interview with Lene on the occasion of her Lovebugs promotion in Oslo, 2007. We also refer to the previous article on this topic published here. We are in this way kicking off 2009 - a year where we might enjoy Lene Marlin IV. Let's hope!

Now Lene wants to be a songwriterSimon Ramseier, Lene, and Adrian Sieber, Oslo, June 2007.

(Published by VG, June 7, 2007)


Lene Marlin's duet with the Swiss Lovebugs is being launched in Europe and Asia, where Lene already is a star. However, whether she returns as an artist, she doesn't know.

In the future Lene first and foremost will be a songwriter.

- I think it's hard to foresee the future, and I like better to be working a little in all secrecy, Lene is laughing, cleverly.

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