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Lene At P4: Album Still Not Finished Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 February 2009 18:02

This morning, at exactly 7:33 AM, Lene was interviewed for over six minutes at national P4 radio, in their breakfast broadcast. Here is a complete transcript in English of the conversation between Lene and her hosts at P4, discussing mostly topics not particularly related to her new work.

Lene at P4 Radio BreakfastLene before Døgnvill 2007 (Nordlys)

(Published by P4 Radio, February 25, 2009)


P4 Host: Lene Marlin, how should you rather have started school day today? Two hours of Norwegian, or two hours of gymnastics?

Lene: Well, how about that; rather...none of the above (laughing).

P4 Host: What is worse?

Lene: I don't know! I started with two hours of Norwegian, that was not a pleasant experience; never had two hours of gymnastics at the start, but I don't think that would be anything special...

Norwegian NRK TV Celebrates Lene In March Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 February 2009 21:40

Lene with her boyfriend Conradi, Jan 24, 2009 (VG)Lene appearing on NRK TV last week of March

(Notice by Tef Johs, February 24, 2009)


Lene's "Unforgivable Sinner" will be up for celebration in the NRK TV show 'National Hit' on March 24.

In what will be the first TV-show ever to focus solely on Lene Marlin and one of her greatest hits, "Unforgivable Sinner", NRK1 TV will on Tuesday, March 24, be showing a semi-hour with Lene Marlin goodness in a prime time evening broadcast.

From PMG to TTT: A Lene Chart Recollection Print E-mail
Sunday, 22 February 2009 14:20

The last week, we have felt a deep collective sense of pride and happiness on behalf of Lene and her new single "Here We Are", which has been very well received by newspapers and radio stations here in Norway, but also abroad, according to several forums we have visited. Here we present a recollection of Lene's history on the charts since 1998, published recently, as well as taking the time to publish a great review of "Here We Are" from a UK-based forum, giving it a "My Record Of The Week" status - from a member who has written close to 19.000 posts - just to show off the great enthusiasm the new Lene song has arosen in people! 

Lene Marlin's fourth album coming in MarchLene in Tromsø, Dec 13, 2004 (iTromsø)

(Published by Farojournalen, February 16, 2009)


EMI has started the launch of Lene Marlin's new album. This time the Tromsø lady has received help by the forces of Magnet, Cloroform, Bigbang and Madrugada.

Lene Marlin's new album is entitled "Twist The Truth", and is being put out for sale on March 30, EMI reports. Tuesday this week, the first single "Here We Are" is ready for the radio.

Newspaper Nordlys: Reasons To Get Excited Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 February 2009 22:46

Another 4/6 review of "Here We Are" was published by Tromsø newspaper Nordlys today, and despite the mid-level score, the review is actually great!

Lene Marlin - Here We Are (EMI)A red-cheeked Lene, Feb 2009 (VG)

Unmistakable Lene

(Published by Nordlys, February 18, 2009)


The Tromsø girl Lene Marlin had her own sound already when she broke through with the crash success "Unforgivable Sinner" in 1998.

And it was an unmistakable Lene Marlin who stroke herself out to the radio listeners yesterday, when the single "Here We Are" was released. A catchy song, with the sore, melancholic heartbeat contained within, which one must be allowed to state is the trademark of Lene's songs.

Good 'Here We Are' Press Reviews Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 February 2009 09:31

Both major Norwegian newspapers VG and Dagbladet have today published reviews of Lene's "Here We Are", released yesterday to radio stations and for download, giving the song a 4/6 score in their paper editions. The song "Here We Are" was A-listed immediately by NRK P3, giving Lene some well-deserved radio attention.


Lene Marlin - Here We Are (EMI)Lene Marlin, February 2009 (online.no)

(Published by Dagbladet, February 18, 2009)


Straight song, nicely wrapped up.

This is the sound of a Lene Marlin who says that Marit Larsen and Ane Brun would not be fighting for the "sophisticated singer/songwriter" throne all by themselves. A new severity has captured the artist Lene Marlin.

Here there is a far more ambitious sound picture, signed Even "Magnet" Johansen and Børge Fjordheim. And suddenly her, at the outset, easy but very effective pop structures appear with a new depth and with a totally different framework than before.

The song itself is not Lene Marlin's most catchy, and she can often be somewhat sad and droning in mid-tempo mode, but it's at the same time wrapped up nicely and well accomplished.

Lene In VG: On Track For Her 'Great Album' Print E-mail
Tuesday, 17 February 2009 12:44

This morning, Lene's brand new single, "Here We Are", was aired on Norwegian radio, and at about 10:00 AM, as promised, Lene put out the new song on her MySpace page. Today, newspaper VG has published a 2-page interview with a fresh picture of Lene in their paper edition, discussing the boyfriend, about getting children, and about getting older. And about the brand new album "Twist The Truth". Also, lene.it has published an image of the cover for the single (possibly promo version). A huge Congratulations to Lene and everybody involved.


Laughing somewhat at loveLene talking to VG, Feb 17, 2009 (VG)

(Published by VG, February 17, 2009)


Lene Marlin (28) would very much like to protect her private life. And is the first to admit that it's then quite tactically stupid becoming a cohabiter with another celebrity.

The pop star from Tromsø does not longer hide that she and actor Kåre Conradi is stormingly in love. Her dimples were not to be mistaken when the two of them arrived hand-in-hand for the Spellemann awards.

However, the often media shy Marlin, who earlier was together with Stian Barsnes Simonsen, admits that she could have done it easier for herself, and chosen a somewhat more anonymous cohabiter.

New Notes From Lene: Country And Men's Choir Print E-mail
Monday, 16 February 2009 22:52

There are several articles published just this evening about the news revealed by Lene and EMI Norway earlier today. Here is one of the more interesting articles, published by Nordlys, followed by the full official press release by EMI Norway.

New notes from LeneLene from January 2008 (Nordlys)

(Published by Nordlys, February 16, 2009)


Country and men's choir on the upcoming album

Lene Marlin's fourth album "Twist The Truth", which is being released March 30th, will be different from most of what we have heard from the Tromsø artist previously.

This is being revealed by Lene Marlin's record company EMI in front of the imminent album release.

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