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Lene Surprised By Letting Herself Back Into Limelight Print E-mail
Saturday, 06 October 2012 20:50

While Lene was at Kjærnes Farm she had a more in-depth talk with Dagbladet about her decision of joining the group for the TV-show.

Lene Surprised Herself by Reaching For the Limelightlene_hver_gang_aftenpost_250812_3a
(Published by Dagbladet, August 26, 2012)

- I am indeed a bit of a private person.

VÅLER, ØSTFOLD: - I have often been watching TV and been thinking: "This kind of good mood it can't possibly be when the cameras are off". Here there is. Without a doubt. We aren't able to keep our mouths shut, Lene Marlin Pedersen (32) is laughing.

Dagbladet is meeting the Tromsø girl at Kjærnes Gård just outside of Moss, where the success show "Hver gang vi møtes" is being recorded this year. Lene Marlin is one of the seven artists who this coming spring will be appearing in the second season of the TV2-show. At the outset she was not thinking of accepting the offer.
Lene Filled With Impressions After Kjærnes Farm Print E-mail
Saturday, 01 September 2012 16:37
Lene Impressed by Her Kjærnes Farm Staylene_hver_gang_vg_260812a
(Notice by Tef Johs, September 1, 2012)

Having returned from her 10 day stay at Kjærnes Gård, Lene seems very impressed, indeed.

In a rare and quite long facebook update, Lene tells about her stay at Kjærnes Farm for the recordings of the TV2 show "Hver gang vi møtes". As far as we have noted, the recordings started at the farm outside of Moss on Monday August 20th, and she returned home last Thursday, August 30th.

Lene writes, among other things: "Just to be able to walk between the houses, see horses and sheep, sit next to the pond and simply hear the silence! Lots of thanks to the kind people that let us stay at their farm where we made lifelong memories! :-)"

Lene And Six Colleagues Gathered At Kjærnes Farm Print E-mail
Sunday, 26 August 2012 15:57
Last Monday, Aug 20th, the seven artists for the new season of the TV2 musical show "Each time we meet" were first assembled at Kjærnes Gård outside of Moss, including Lene Marlin. Dagbladet brings video, new pictures of Lene, and lots of comments.

- There will be another crying choir this yearlene_hver_gang_2012_dagbl_250812_2b
(Published by Dagbladet, August 25, 2012)

The artists for "Each time we meet" assembled for the first time.

VÅLER, ØSTFOLD: - Between you and me, this has been damned fun this far, Morten Abel (49) grins. He is at Kjærnes Gård, just outside of Moss, in good company by the artist colleagues Ole Paus (65), Lene Marlin (32), Magnus Grønneberg (45), Anita Skorgan (53), Marion Ravn (28) and Kurt Nilsen (33).
A Hearty Congratulation To Lene Reaching 32 Print E-mail
Thursday, 16 August 2012 23:00
Lene Celebrating Her 32nd Birthday Todaylene_itromso_2007_large_cut_a
(Notice by Tef Johs, August 17, 2012)

Warm congratulations to Lene Marlin on her 32nd birthday.

There is not much of any news coming from Lene these days. The last sign of life was on June 11th on her facebook wall where she shared a link to VG's story about the new cast for TV2's "Each time we meet" show. As far as we know, the recordings for the new season of this popular TV2 show is now close to being underway.

Marion Ravn has stated that she most of all is looking forward to be interpreting Lene's songs, as Lene was one of her favorites when she was a juvenile. And VG's Stein Østbø comments that he's wildly looking forward to Ole Paus' version of Lene's "Unforgivable Sinner".
Low Profile Lene Still Earning Millions In 2011 Print E-mail
Friday, 20 July 2012 14:54
Contemporary articles about Lene Marlin is hard to come by these days, but now in July newspaper VG has taken a look at her income and profit for the fiscal year 2011.

Weaker Figures From Lene Marlinlene_conradi_slottspl2011_vg070712a
(Published by VG, July 7, 2012)

The income is well cut in half since 2007, but MellowMoment, Lene Marlin's company, is still earning millions.

Even though she is keeping a low profile and there is a long time since she had her big breakthrough, Marlin still has for her salt in the food.

Most Norwegian artists would have cheered with 2.2 million NOK in revenue. After salaries, every expenses, and the taxes, she is left with the annual profit of 840.000 NOK the profit accounts for 2011 show, which she has delivered to Brønnøysund.
Lene Marlin On National TV Throughout Spring Of 2013 Print E-mail
Sunday, 10 June 2012 16:14
Last TV2 season it was Bertine Zetlitz, Halvdan Sivertsen, and Jan Eggum. The next season it will be Kurt Nilsen, Morten Abel, and - believe it or not - Lene Marlin.

Lene Marlin in TV2's Success Commitmentlene_2007_nordlys_tv2hvergangmotes_100612a
(Published by Nordlys, June 8, 2012)

The speculations have already been many following the news about TV2 creating another season of their success show "Each time we meet".

Now the artist list has been published, and this time Tromsø is also represented when Lene Marlin is among the popular artists we'll be getting to know better.

In addition to Lene Marlin the confirmed artists are Morten Abel, Kurt Nilsen, Ole Paus, Marion Ravn, Anita Skorgan and Magnus Grønneberg.
'Yesterday's Gone': Comments And Lyrics Print E-mail
Sunday, 22 April 2012 16:11
Frida and Lene's 'Yesterday's Gone' Availablelene_trieste_2009_10a
(Notice by Tef Johs, April 22, 2012)

This week has seen three new Lene songs surfacing. We bring comments and lyrics for "Yesterday's Gone" here.

The latter week has been fantastic for every Lene Marlin fan. Seemingly out of nowhere, a whole of three new Lene songs have become available. As most of you know, these songs are "What Have I Done", "S'pose" and "Yesterday's Gone" - the latter one released on Frida Amundsen's album "September Blue".
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